State officials will consider purchasing property in Montgomery, where the state's motor vehicle pool used to be located.

Gov. Kay Ivey signed an executive order in 2023 to eliminate the state's motor vehicle pool due to them being "unnecessary state vehicles." ALDOT spokesman Tony Harris told CBS 42 that in January 2023, there were about 115 vehicles in the pool when the executive order was announced.

The Alabama Building Renovation Finance Authority (ABRFA) will consider on Wednesday authorizing the acquisition of the state motor pool property located at 425 South Union Street in Montgomery.  

"With the elimination of the state motor pool pursuant to the Executive Order you referenced, the property is no longer needed for that purpose. If acquired, ABRFA intends to utilize the property to 1) house the Facilities Management Division via a lease agreement and 2) provide parking to employees of state agencies in the surrounding area," Alabama Department of Finance Director Bill Poole told 1819 News on Tuesday.

Ivey, Poole and Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer are the three members of the ABRFA.

Poole said the current owner of the property is the State Insurance Fund. The purchase price is expected to be $2.69 million, the appraised value of $2.7 million minus the $10,000 needed to clean the deck. Poole said he anticipates a closing date on the property in late March or early April.

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