FOLEY — No agencies have claimed responsibility for a big boom heard Friday across the coast of Alabama.

The unusual and loud noise was heard just after 11 a.m. Reports came in from Dauphin Island to Pensacola, Florida. The center of the reports was in the Foley area, where people reported hearing two loud booms and experiencing shaking, similar to an earthquake.

Foley Fire Chief Joey Darby said he assumed the noise was from a sonic boom and that no damage was reported.

Some thought the boom was from an explosion in Escambia County, Fla. However, Andrea Gibson, the Public Information Officer for Escambia County, said she was unaware of any explosion.

"My understanding is there was no explosion," said Gibson. "But it could possibly be related to some military testing."

There are military airfields in Escambia County, including NAS (Naval Air Station) Pensacola. Jason Bortz, the public affairs officer with NAS Pensacola, denied the boom came from there.

"It definitely was not NAS Pensacola," said Bortz. "The jets that we have here are not capable of reaching those speeds.

A call to Eglin Air Force Base has not been returned.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the activity did not register on any seismic instruments.

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