Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson sent a video message and an email to members of the Mobile Police Department addressing criticism of the Kenyen Brown report on policies and procedures.

"I want to assure each of you that you have my full support and confidence," Stimpson said. "You put your lives on the line each and every day to protect our citizens and for that, I'm tremendously grateful. I also want to reiterate what you already know, and that is the vast majority of Mobilians are in full support of the Mobile Police Department."

Stimpson said the DOJ received requests last year regarding two incidents involving officers. Instead of having the DOJ step in, he and the city attorney decided to hire Brown to investigate.

"Please understand, these types of investigations do not focus on what we are doing right," Stimpson said. "Instead, the authors focus on areas where they believe operations can be improved according to the best standards of policing as outlined by DOJ and other communities across the country."

Brown released results Tuesday, and Stimpson said he did not agree with every aspect of the report.

"However, I do agree with Mr. Brown's opinion that we have the professionalism and the leadership within the department to examine every recommendation and chart a path forward that works for our community," Stimpson added. "While I don't know everything that you do day in and day out, I do know that the men and women of MPD are some of the bravest, most dedicated and hardest working officers anywhere. After Chief [Randy] Jackson and his internal committee have had the opportunity to review the report and develop a plan, I am certain that MPD will continue to be among the best police departments in the country. "

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