Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed is one of the Democratic leaders still backing President Joe Biden after a debate performance against former President Donald Trump on Thursday night that was almost ubiquitously seen as a disaster for the sitting president.

Thursday night's presidential debate was tremendous for Trump supporters and meme creators. However, things are looking grim for Biden's continued reelection bid.

Immediately after the debate, Democratic pundits, typically known for backing the president no matter what, began speculating that Biden should consider withdrawing from seeking reelection or risk losing the White House in November.

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Outside his camp, Biden's support has been scant. However, he needs to look no further than the leader of Alabama's capital city, Mayor Steven Reed, for a friendly voice.

Reed has been a longtime supporter of Biden, often appearing at White House events and boasting of Biden's supposed accomplishments. He also frequently boasts of the Biden administration's contributions to Montgomery through grants and other financial assistance.

Thursday evening, Reed swiftly took to Twitter to defend the president, saying skeptics were "overreacting to the style" of the debate.

"Stop overreacting to the style of this presidential debate," the mayor wrote on Twitter. "It's not a beauty contest. It's June and Joe Biden will shut down the naysayers by November. Again."

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