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Steven Reed. Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed: Police chief’s resignation came amid sexual harassment and other allegations

At a Friday press conference, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed elaborated that Police Chief Darryl Albert's resignation came during an investigation into sexual harassment, as well as issues surrounding morale in MPD.

Montgomery City Hall flickr com Alabama News
City of Montgomery changing supplemental health insurance administrative company for retirees in 2024

The administrator managing the City of Montgomery’s supplemental health insurance program for retired Medicare-eligible employees is changing next year. 

Steven Reed Alabama News
Montgomery mayor, police chief say no charges filed by police against Harriott II co-captain in viral Riverfront brawl

The co-captain of Montgomery’s Harriott II involved in a brawl in Montgomery's Riverfront Park that got national media coverage in August has not been charged with assault.

Montgomery City Hall Pride Flags Alabama News
Montgomery City Council approves ‘neutrality’ flag policy in response to gay pride flags flown during Pride Month

A resolution limiting the flying of flags on city property to the Montgomery, Alabama and United States flags passed at a Montgomery City Council meeting on Tuesday.

Dick Brewbaker Alabama News
Fmr State Sen. Brewbaker on 2024 congressional run: 'I would love to run in a district where there is no incumbent'

Although it remains unknown how a three-judge panel will rule in federal court on Alabama's recently redrawn congressional lines, some interested parties are preparing for the 2024 election cycle.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed awarded mayor of the year award at Atlanta conference

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed recently received the National Mayor of the Year Award at the 123rd National Black Business Conference in Atlanta.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Joey Clark: Old Montgomery is dead, let it rest in peace

If new Montgomery is to rise – and as a native son, I hope it rises to become the envy of the world – continuing to blame the sordid past for the lackluster present is a death knell for the future.  

Steven Reed Alabama News
Steven Reed wins reelection — 'If you’re interested in the old Montgomery, the old Montgomery ain’t coming back'

Steven Reed will continue as Montgomery’s mayor after winning Tuesday’s election, avoiding a runoff by receiving over 50% of the vote.

BURY THE N WORD 2 Alabama News
Mobile Sgt. John Young calls out Montgomery Mayor Reed's concert for glorifying 'subculture of violence' — 'Any black man promoting that is not worthy of attention'

Mobile police sergeant John Young who gained national attention for calling out violence in black communities is encouraging Montgomery residents to “vote their conscience” in Tuesday’s mayoral election between incumbent Steven Reed and Barrett Gilbreath.

Reed Gilbreath Alabama News
Reed, Gilbreath take center stage in Montgomery municipal elections

Montgomery municipal elections are underway today, and all eyes or on the mayoral race.

Gilbreath Alabama News
Montgomery mayoral challenger Barrett Gilbreath on Steven Reed concert: 'I don’t believe that’s what we want to promote in Montgomery'

On Monday, Montgomery mayoral candidate Barrett Gilbreath spoke regarding incumbent Mayor Steven Reed’s upcoming reelection concert featuring several rappers with lyrics promoting crime in the city.

Rubberban OG Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed's reelection concert to feature local rappers whose lyrics promote violence, drug deals

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has scheduled a “Turn Up the Vote Concert,” the night before the municipal election, featuring a number of local artists known for rapping about drug dealing, violence and other things in Montgomery.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Has Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed made it impossible for the Riverfront brawl suspects to get a fair trial?

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has been vocal about bringing those involved in the fight to justice, so much so that he may be tainting the jury pool and making it impossible for the suspects to receive a fair trial.

Riverboat brawl Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed: Riverwalk brawl 'seems to meet the moral definition of a crime fueled by hate'

A total of five suspects have been arrested in relation to the much-publicized brawl last week at the Montgomery Riverwalk.

Reed on Reid Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed: 'We're working very closely with the FBI' on Riverfront brawl investigation

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed revealed on Tuesday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Reidout” that the city has been working with the FBI to investigate the brawl that took place Saturday on the Montgomery Riverboat Dock.

Darryl Albert Alabama News
No race-related charges against 3 suspects in Montgomery Riverfront brawl

Three suspects in the brawl at the Montgomery Riverfront on Saturday are charged with assault, with no hate crime or racially related charges filed.

Steven Reed Alabama News
Joey Clark: The Montgomery mayoral race shows all politics are now national

All politics, at least in a free society, should be local. But they’re not. Not in America today.

Barret and reed Alabama News
Mayor Steven Reed, political opponent Barrett Gilbreath react to Montgomery Riverfront brawl: 'Justice will be served'

On Saturday, a massive brawl on Montgomery’s waterfront on the Alabama River led to multiple arrests.

Gilbreath Alabama News
Montgomery mayoral candidate Barrett Gilbreath denies accusations of making election about race

Recently, Montgomery mayoral candidate Barrett Gilbreath reacted to incumbent Mayor Steven Reed's chief of staff's attempts to inject race into the upcoming mayoral race.

Alabama map Alabama News
Federal judges block Alabama Democratic Conference from intervening in redistricting case

Three federal judges denied a late intervention by the Alabama Democratic Conference in the redistricting lawsuit against Alabama’s congressional map on Tuesday.

Steven reed Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Reed noncommittal on possible congressional run, depending on state's redistricting plan

In a recent radio interview, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed gave a somewhat evasive answer when asked if he would pursue a congressional run, depending on the outcome of Alabama’s redistricting special session.

Victorrus Felder Alabama News
Victorrus Felder seeks to tackle crime in bid for Montgomery mayor – 'It’s just so much chaos in the streets of Montgomery, and nothing is being done'

Victorrus Felder, one of three to vie for the title of Montgomery’s next mayor, recently sat down with 1819 News to discuss his campaign and plans for the city should he win his bid.

Steven reed Alabama News
'Outright lies' — ALGOP accuses Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed's campaign of lying in mass text ads

The Alabama Republican Party is accusing Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed's campaign of using deceptive text messages to gain support in next month’s municipal election.

Montgomery City Hall Pride Flags Alabama News
Montgomery flies gay pride flags while city, state and U.S. flags missing from City Hall

Montgomery City Hall is festooned with flags celebrating pride month, but the city, state, and U.S. flags have been recently missing

Stevenreed Alabama News
City of Montgomery asks for dismissal of former police chief lawsuit

An attorney representing the city of Montgomery and Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed asked a federal court last week to dismiss a civil lawsuit by former Montgomery Police chief Ernest Finley.

Reed52 Alabama News
Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed says fewer 'permitless carry-type bills,' closing gun show loophole needed to help city combat gun violence

The Steven Reed era of Montgomery has had its share of ups and downs since Reed assumed the role of mayor in 2019, including spikes in gun violence.

Steven Reed Alabama News
'I look forward to it' — Montgomery Mayor Reed shrugs off defamation lawsuit filed against him by man accused of leaking profanity-laced audio

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed seems relatively unconcerned with the recently-filed lawsuit against him by the man he claims leaked audio of a profanity-laced rant in 2020.

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