It was undoubtedly an alarming report for parents with preschool-aged children on the Eastern Shore in Baldwin County.

According to a report from Mobile TV's WKRG, a stray bullet hit a Daphne daycare last week in the middle of the day.

"We heard a pop, and after the pop, white stuff from the ceiling tile went all over the floor," Abiding Love Preschool director Ramona Babb said to WKRG. "We didn't find the bullet immediately. A child found the bullet."

Although no one was hurt, Daphne police called it a cautionary tale.

"It could've come from anywhere, between two and three miles away. Firing into the air, it's got to come down somewhere; you just never know where," Daphne Police's Heather deAngelo said, according to the report.

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