The self-identified "super-liberal" woman who was arrested for attacking a Republican political candidate in March pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor harassment.

Michelle Marie Bradshaw, 46, of Guntersville, got into an altercation with then-House District 27 candidate Billy Ray Todd while he was campaigning at the local Walmart in Arab.

Todd told 1819 News Bradshaw attacked him over a political disagreement.

"She told me first, straight up, she's a 'super liberal.' So I knew then, but she wanted to conversate," Todd said in a video posted to X shortly after the incident. "The conversation was decent for a second, but I told her we don't need wokeness in our schools. We don't need transgender studies in our schools. Kids need to know the truth."

Todd said he tried to disengage from the conversation, but Bradshaw kept following him around, growing more hostile until she finally lunged at him. Todd sustained multiple scratches on his arms as he tried to block her attacks. He then forced her to the ground until security arrived.

Arab City Police Chief Shane Washburn told 1819 News that surveillance footage of the incident showed that Bradshaw was the aggressor, though she initially claimed otherwise.

Following Monday's court proceeding, Todd told 1819 News, "I'm happy it's over."

Still, he lamented online about the lack of "outrage" and apparent double standard regarding the public's reaction to his case.

Editor's note: A brief comment from Billy Ray Todd was added to this article.

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