United Bank pledged financial support to Sweet Grown Alabama (SGA) with a $10,000 sponsorship for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

“United Bank is excited to sponsor a close partner in Sweet Grown Alabama,” said United Bank President and CEO Mike Vincent. “Connecting retailers and consumers to Alabama-grown foods is vital to establishing important relationships in our communities.”

Sweet Grown Alabama is a non-profit foundation that seeks to connect Alabama farmers with retailers across the state to develop a more local approach to food sourcing.

In July of 2021, SGA was awarded a $75,000 USDA specialty crop block grant to incentivize stores and distributors to purchase more localized products. In exchange, the stores and distributors provide valuable sales data that is shared with farmers, who can use the data to make planting decisions and possibly expand into new markets.

SGA hosts farmer’s markets and luncheons in which they try to educate consumers, distributors, and farmers on the benefits of locally sourced produce.  

The funds donated to SGA will be utilized to encourage local spending through traditional and digital marketing, as well as events and other special projects. Sponsor donations also help maintain the searchable online database.

“With strong agricultural ties in South Alabama, we are thrilled to welcome United Bank to our slate of Sweet Grown Alabama partners,” said Sweet Grown Alabama Director Ellie Watson. “United Bank’s support will prove valuable not only financially, but also in helping connect us with farms and businesses in South Alabama.” 

United Bank was founded in 1904 in Atmore and has 18 branch locations across Baldwin, Escambia, Mobile, and Monroe counties. United Bank specializes in personal, business, and agricultural banking and lending. United Bank also participates in several local community development initiatives. 

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