Thomas Govan, a Republican candidate for Alabama's Court of Criminal Appeals announced on Friday that he has begun airing a new commercial that outlines his background and beliefs and unveils his "Go With Govan" campaign slogan.

In the ad, Govan says, "I'm running because we need judges that are conservative and committed to upholding the rule of law," followed by a voice-over saying, "If you want to stop rulings from ultra-liberal judges - Go with Govan."

In a statement, Govan said, "Our television ad lets voters know the fundamental facts that guide my life - I am a Christian conservative, a husband, a father, and a tough-on-crime prosecutor devoted to keeping our communities safe,"

He added, "My deeply conservative judicial philosophy will help me ensure that appeals coming before our court are rooted in the law and constitutional principles rather than liberal dogma and loose interpretations."

The problem that most candidates in down-ballot races must deal with is that the more prominent and well-funded campaigns for higher offices can sometimes overshadow their campaign. They often cannot raise enough funds for what consultants say: "break through the noise" of other campaigns. However, a way some consultants deal with that problem is to strategically place their ad buys in media markets with the most voters that align with their messaging.

According to FCPA financial reports filed on Friday, Govan is currently out fundraising his opponent, Rich Anderson, by slightly more than a 2:1 margin. Govan has $116,515 cash on hand leading into the final month of the Republican primary campaign, which puts Govan in a good position by all political standards for this down-ballot race. However, how he and his opponent utilize their finite resources will decide how the race turns out.

The Republican primary is on March 5, and candidates for all offices will be in an all-hands-on-deck mode in an attempt to cross the finish line successfully.

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