The Alabama Federation of Republican Women (AFRW) had its convention this week, and it was not without its share of controversy.

AFRW has been meeting this week in Huntsville and concluded their convention and elections on Friday.

Yellowhammer News reported concerns about Tiffany Noel being a "Never Trumper" due to her past employment with former U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks. Despite those accusations, she successfully won her election as president of the AFRW.

Noel pushed back against the “Never Trumper” accusations in a statement to 1819, saying, "I am not sure where this never Trump information is coming from because I have supported President Trump the last two presidential races."

"The important thing to know about this convention and the Alabama Federation of Republican Women is that our women are passionate, educated, and will not be influenced by outsiders who try to undermine our efforts and culture,” Noel added.

She concluded, "I am honored to be elected to this position and am excited to work with these amazing women across the state."

Noel has a long history in Republican politics, and building coalitions has been a specialty of hers, so going forward, we should see the AFRW united and working towards their agreed-upon platform.

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