State Rep. Tommy Hanes (R-Scottsboro) announced Friday that he is excited that The American Conservative Union Foundation will present him with its Legislative Accountability award based on his consistent Conservative voting record.

The influential group, also known as CPAC, is best known for its annual conferences that feature high-profile Conservatives like Rand Paul, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz and former President Donald J Trump (R). 

CPAC only presents these awards to lawmakers who vote with the conservative position at least 80% of the time, as calculated by the American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Legislative Accountability.

Hanes said that he is grateful to receive such an honor. 

“The American Conservative Union is probably the most respected national conservative organization there is, and I'm honored to receive such an award," Hanes said. "I accept it on behalf of the people of my district, who I fight for every day.  To me, conservatism means being for the people, and it is for this reason that I feel doubly honored.”

Hanes went on to say how he fought for the working class by opposing the gas tax, as well as working to preserve historical monuments, led the fight against vaccine mandates and introduced legislation to outlaw the Chinese Communist Party from having influence in our schools.

"Every day our values and way of life are threatened, not just by Democrats, but by liberals and moderates in our own party. So I thank the American Conservative Union for what it stands for, as well as the people of my district for allowing me to represent them."

The 2022 CPAC convention and its awards ceremonies are scheduled to take place on Feb. 26 in Orlando, Fla., where President Trump is expected to headline.

Hanes is a retired firefighter.

He has been married for more than 30 years to his wife, Rhonda, and they have two daughters.

Tommy Hanes is seeking reelection. He faces a Republican primary challenge from Mike Kirkland. 

The Republican primary is May 24.