Recently released court documents have given revealing insight into the mental capacity of the man charged with the torture and murder of Derek Franklin Walls in Madison County.

Kyle Lewter, 36, is accused of beating Walls with a hammer and torturing him by penetrating his “anus area.” Walls was found in a home at 1790 Capshaw Road on March 7, but detectives believe he was killed the day before.

According to newly filed court documents, Madison County Jail officials and attorneys believe Lewter needs to be moved to a mental facility due to manic behavior and safety concerns.

The court documents show Lewter has a long history of mental health illnesses, including bipolar I disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder and others.

Kyle Lewter Alabama News
Suspect Kyle Lewter (left), Victim Derek Walls (right).

A jail psychologist said there could be more conditions that need to be diagnosed in a proper facility.

Lewter told the psychologist he experienced “vivid visual hallucinations while incarcerated and also prior to the murder.”

Since he has been jailed, officials report Lewter “went berserk” and hallucinated. Lewter claimed he saw his parents and “a State Senator for whom he had worked as a campaign manager, in his jail cell.” He said he felt the individuals he was seeing were taunting him.

The psychologist reported Lewter wanted to run for office and eventually replace the Senator he worked for.

He has also acted manic and exhibited grandiosity for three days and, at times, had to be restrained, reports state.

“The Madison county jail is not equipped to cope with his extreme behaviors,” attorneys wrote in a request to move Lewter. “They are concerned with staff and inmate safety.”

“ … The Defendant is not receiving the mental health and medical care he needs,” the request continued. “He is not receiving his necessary medications in the Madison County Jail.”

Attorneys claim Lewter has recently tried to commit suicide twice and has attempted numerous times in the past. Lewter also recently suffered two mild heart attacks and has several underlying health conditions.

A health report also stated Lewter was an excellent student in high school and college. He was accepted to UAB’s medical school but was terminated due to illness at the end of his second year. He told the psychologist that he goes to church three times a week and preaches at least once a month. He also said he ministers at Limestone Correctional Facility.

The preliminary hearing in the case is set for Thursday morning in Madison County.

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