Friday morning came early for the Tallassee Police Department after their building was rolled with toilet paper late Thursday night.

It was all in good fun, and no one is in trouble after the Tallassee High School Class of 2024 took matters into their own hands and toilet-papered not only the building but also the School Resource Officer’s truck.

SRO commander Lt. Brian Clayton is beloved by students, and as he was pulling up to the station last night around 9:40 p.m., around five vehicles full of students showed the love.

“They adore him,” said Chief Todd Buce. “I think they only rolled places that they care about so they showed us a lot of love.”

Lt. Clayton is celebrating his 20th year since his own high school graduation, and this week is Homecoming at Tallassee High School. Friday morning, the police department put Clayton to work cleaning up the mess left behind.

“Littering is illegal and is a fineable offense,” Buce added. “But this wasn’t something we were going to enforce, plus we didn’t have the manpower to enforce as many as were out here last night.”

The Tigers will take on the Elmore County Panthers on Friday night.

As for the students, Buce has a message:

“I hope for them to become good citizens and be kind and good to the people that are out in their community,” he said. “We wish them all the best and hopefully they’ll win tonight.”

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