Alabama Veteran is celebrating a large donation from the Tommy Tuberville Foundation. The non-profit organization's president said the donation and multiple partnerships will make a big difference for veterans trying to get their feet on the ground.

A $20,000 grant from the Tommy Tuberville Foundation will help complete a large project in Lincoln.

"It's a boots-to-hard-hat program as well as helping veterans who are already out and are struggling to find jobs," said Alabama Veteran CEO and president Alan Cook. "We can provide the training and education right there on site."

Cook is referring to Dovetail Landing, Alabama Veteran's latest project. The massive property in Lincoln will house veterans and families and will help with the transition from military to civilian life in what they call a reverse boot camp.

The Tommy Tuberville Foundation's donation will help launch the administrative building on the property by January 2024.

"That is a big, major infrastructure cost to renovate the building there," Cook said. "Again, it's been huge for us to be able to receive this because we haven't really received anything like this from any other organization."

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L-R (Terri Connell, Ricky Smallridge, Stephen Henderson, Whitney Henderson, Alan Cook, Tom Kelly, Rodney Williams, Chester McKinney). Photo: Alabama Veteran.

U.S. Sen. Tuberville (R-Auburn) has faced harsh criticism over his hold on military promotions due to the Pentagon's policy of paying for travel for abortions.

Despite criticism, Tuberville maintains he will continue holding off on nominations until the military changes the policy.

"This has been the Pentagon's position for more than 6 months," Tuberville said on X. "I warned them that if they did this, I would hold their most senior nominations. They could end this TODAY if they dropped their illegal and immoral policy."

The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles called Tuberville a "hero."

After speaking with Tuberville, Cook said he believes the senator wants to do more for veterans in the future.

"He has been instrumental and wants to give more," said Cook. "I really do feel like he wants to give back to veterans organizations in the state."

Cook said multiple partnerships have made it possible to bring workforce training and education to one location. Those partnerships include Honda, Altec, Alabama Power, First Bank of Alabama, Central Alabama Community College System, Lakeshore Foundation, Norfolk Southern, Webb Concrete, the City of Lincoln and others.

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