U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) on Wednesday criticized the Biden administration's delayed action in addressing Houthi hostilities on the Red Sea, saying the continued global conflicts are indicative of a "soft" foreign policy.

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have escalated hostilities against the United States and its allies by attacking American and allied vessels in the Red Sea. The Houthis claim their actions are a stand of solidarity with the Palestinian people, who have suffered recently from Israeli responses to the Oct. 7, 2023, attacks by Hamas terrorists.

Tuberville said on a Wednesday press call that he believes the Biden administration has been soft on the Houthis, having removed them from the terrorist watchlist in 2021 and refusing to respond to Houthi hostilities sooner. President Joe Biden recently announced he would re-appoint them to the terrorist watchlist due to their actions in the Suez Canal, which have significantly disrupted international trade.  

"President Biden and his administration has continued on with being 100% wrong in any decision he's made foreign relations-wise, not just in his tenure being president but over his last 40 years being in politics," Tuberville declared. "It amazes me how people can make all these decisions and then turn around and think that they can make up for it. So, [National Security Advisor] Jake Sullivan and President Biden, just a few years ago, took Yemen off the terrorist watchlist, said they weren't terrorists. Now, we're turning around and saying that they are terrorists."

Tuberville also stated that former President Donald Trump would have prevented the multiple U.S.-involved conflicts across the globe were he still in office.

"If President Trump had been in office, this wouldn't be happening," Tuberville continued. "But I'll tell you one thing, if they were attacking American ships, we wouldn't have waited for several weeks to fight back. That would have been done immediately. We are ruining and running this country and the United States by appeasement. We're soft. The people across the world are seeing that, all of our advisories. It better stop, and it better stop pretty quickly, or we're going to have ourselves in a huge mess."

He continued, "He's the only one that can get us out of all these wars that are about to start over in the Middle East, over in Europe, and also in Asia. We've got to have somebody that has leadership skills. As we speak, we have zero leadership here in this administration, and it doesn't seem like it's going to get better."

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