During an appearance on NewsNation, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) hammered President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for the administration's handling of U.S.-Mexico border security.

Alabama's senior U.S. Senator insisted the negligence at the border by the administration was criminal and should result in incarceration.

"He hasn't done his job," Tuberville said. "I've been in several arguments with him in the last three years. And it was their decision, this administration's decision when they got into office, we would just open up the borders. Let as many people in as they possibly could. They defanged ICE, our immigration police. They even don't have a job anymore. I don't know what they do. But the border patrol has basically been secretaries at the border. They've not done anything. This administration and Mayorkas shouldn't be impeached. They should be locked up for what they've done to the American people. This is a disgrace. Their job is to keep the citizens of this country safe."

Tuberville doubled down when explicitly asked "who should be locked up."

"Mayorkas should be locked up," he replied. "President Biden should be locked up because they're doing this intentionally to the American people. It's costing billions of dollars. We're having fentanyl come across the border. It is an absolute joke what they've done. I've been down there several times, and it is something that you would think that, they're not doing on purpose. Something's got to be wrong. But it's not. And I hear Biden say just give me the laws. The guy's been up there 50 years. Surely to goodness, he knows what the law is. The law is don't let people come across their borders."

Tuberville insisted there was "no doubt about it" when asked if Biden and Mayorkas had committed crimes.

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