When it comes to dealing with the war in Ukraine, attacks on Israel or protecting America's interests at home and abroad, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said thanks to President Joe Biden's lack of leadership, "we play from a weak position."

During a recent interview on One America News, Tuberville was asked about why he thinks the Biden administration has done little to address the Americans taken hostage or killed by Hamas during the October 7 attack.

"Joe Biden, we don't know what he's doing every day. We don't understand the positions he's taken," Tuberville said. "He has played so poorly in terms of making decisions in foreign relations. It has put our enemy in a better place in terms of attacking our friends, our neighbors, and even us. They're challenging us. We've had, what, 53 attacks on our military bases over in the Middle East? That's ridiculous. If Donald Trump was in office, this wouldn't be going on. Ukraine would have never happened. You can't play as a weak leader in the White House and be able to control what goes on in this world."

"This world gets more dangerous as we speak," he added. "It's more dangerous because we're playing from behind."

Tuberville linked America's weakening reputation to woke policies pervading the military. He also compared Biden's poor performance abroad to the crisis at the Southern border.

"There's no rhyme or reason what they're doing at the border other than for votes," Tuberville said. "That just shows you what mentality this administration has. We don't get that border stopped, we can forget what's happening in Israel and Ukraine. We're going to have problems here. Major problems."

He said Biden isn't only making the U.S. look weak in the eyes of rising powers like China and Russia, but his woke policies and agenda have impacted military recruitment, which in turn puts strategic readiness at risk.

"We're not the big man on the block anymore. We're not the big dog anymore," Tuberville said.

"...If we can't start attracting the best men and women in this country to get in the military, I don't care what kind of bombs we make or planes we make or ships we make. It's not going to make any difference. You got to have people. That's what's happened in Ukraine. Ukraine fought hard. They only had so many people to fight. We're going to be in the same situation here if we don't watch it."

"We have got to get some leadership back in the White House, and hopefully we'll get that a year from now when President Trump gets reelected," he added.

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