As the left continues to blur the lines between genders, U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) continues to fight to keep women's sports safe, fair and for females only.

In the latest episode of “1819 News: The Podcast,” Tuberville discussed the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act and blasted the Biden administration for its efforts to "attack" Title IX and institute new rules for women's athletics.

"What the heck is going on here?" the senator asked. "Why in the world would an administration be for 1% of this country which are transgender — now I've got nothing against them. If that's the way they want to be, that's fine. But to allow them to allow a biological boy to participate against a girl in sports. It's unfair, it's unsafe, and it's wrong."

Tuberville said in the 50 years since Title XI began, participation in women's sports has increased by 600%.

"It's probably one of the few things this clown show up here has gotten right in the last 50 years. Now we have an administration that's attacking it. You can't make this up. Why in the world would we even consider this, much less allow it to happen?"

That's why Tuberville proposed the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, which would defund schools that allow biological males to compete in women's sports.

"It's common sense, but the left, this White House, is fighting us right and left," he said. "And I have no the direction that they want to head with this, but we're going to fight it every day here. It's an uphill battle."

Tuberville added that if the Democrats are successful in effectively erasing women's sports, it would fundamentally change the country.

"We better wake up and smell the roses, so we're going to fight this every day."

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