U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) has been vocal about preventing biological males from competing in women's sports, including introducing the Protection of Women in Olympic and Amateur Sports Act, which would prohibit any governing body recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee from allowing men to compete in any athletic event intended for females.

On Thursday, the former Auburn football coach appeared on Fox News Channel's "Faulkner Focus" along with former ESPN host Sage Steele to discuss how they are combatting the White House's efforts to "erase women's sports."

Tuberville described letting biological men compete against women as "an attack on the nuclear family," "gender," "women" and "sports." He warned it would result in the loss of Title IX, which the senator said had "really catapulted" women's sports.

"[F]irst of all, we have to get people together on the same page. We have to get people to understand really what the Democrats and Joe Biden's administration is trying to do," Tuberville outlined. "This will be a huge topic in the election this year. Probably 1 or 2% of the people are very concerned about this. But, this is an attack on the nuclear family, this is an attack on gender, this is an attack on women, and then, it's an attack on sports, Title IX. And we've brought people together to try to bring up and highlight the topics of coaches, how they are handling it, lawyers, how moms are actually handling the situation with their kids, and, of course ... people like Riley Gaines and other athletes. It's a huge topic."

"Where are the activists, the women activists that actually got Title IX implemented 52 years ago? They're nowhere to be seen. There's nobody is talking about this," he continued. "But we're going to bring this to the forefront, as you saw in this round table. We're going to continue to do it; we're going to bring bills to the floor like the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. We have got to do something, or we are going to lose Title IX and women's sports that has really catapulted in the last 50 years because of Title IX."

Steele and Tuberville participated in a round table this week, and the two called into question the lack of female activism in favor of preventing males from competing in female sports.

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