U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) responded recently to a social media post by the Alabama Democratic Party that compared the Senator to Adolf Hitler.

Earlier this week, the party responded to comments from Tuberville in which he expressed concerns about the U.S. military "wokeness" infiltrating the military.

The post accused Tuberville of "speaking in code" and that he "prefers his military to look like Nazi Germany's Third Reich."

The post drew the ire of many in the state and the Anti-Defamation League, which condemned the Alabama Democrats for "trivializing" the holocaust.

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Tuberville responded, disregarding the Democrats' accusations and doubling down on his position that the armed forces are becoming more woke.  

"I don't listen to these people, the Democrats, you know, they're Socialist Communists," Tuberville said. "Yes. We have a military that's becoming more woke. We're allowing transgenders in the military now. We're allowing the taxpayers to have to pay for a $50-60,000 health bill for a transition for people joining the military. We are teaching diversity, inclusion and equity in the military now. They just asked for over $100 million to continue to train our military."

He continued, "This is not about an educational program. This is about building a machine that protects the American citizens. I'm all for the military. I was a military brat. I understand the military, it's about team, it's about merit, it's about acceptability, it's about working as a teammate, and it's about winning. There's no second place in war. And we don't need to be indoctrinating our young men and women in the military when their number one objective is to protect the American citizens. It's just as easy as that. So, I really don't care what the Democrats call me because they're pushing all this wokeness in the military.

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