President Joe Biden is in Europe visiting with NATO leaders as the war against Ukraine and Russia continues.

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) said in a call with Alabama media on Wednesday Biden should call or meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky before returning to the United States.

“The reason this war is going on is because we were pushing Ukraine into NATO before what happened. I was in Ukraine what three months before the war started? Sat down with President Zelensky. He begged us to start giving them ammunition and things that they needed to deter Russia from coming in. Joe Biden wouldn’t do it. He sat back and said, ‘Ah, we’re not going to do that.’ Then he got on one little phone call with Putin and evidently Putin said, ‘This is going to be a small excursion’ or something like that. They came in and obviously things didn’t go that way,” Tuberville said. “Joe Biden needs to go over, needs to make a phone call before coming back to the United States. He needs to go to Moscow, sit down with Putin. We need to get this over with. They’re losing thousands of people a week on both sides. We’re spending billions of dollars a week in this war. If they don’t quit what they’re doing, they’re going to force us into a third World War. I do not want our kids, our young men and women, to have to go to another war like we fought for the last twenty years. It’s just amazing to me how inadequate this White House is. There’s no diplomacy to them. We sent some people to China and they basically laughed at us. You watch Joe Biden over in Europe. I mean, I’m afraid he’s going to fall down every time I turn on television.”

Biden announced Friday that the United States was providing the Ukrainian military with cluster munitions, a widely banned weapon of war known to cause indiscriminate death and destruction to non-military targets, according to The New York Post.

“We used to be strong. We set the precedent of what’s going on. We’re followers now. We’re not going to send them tanks, but we’re going to send them tanks. We’re not going to send them long-ranged missiles, but we’re going to send them. We’re not going to send cluster bombs, but now we’re going to send them. We’re not going to send airplanes, but now we’re going to send them,” Tuberville said. “Ukraine is not winning okay and that’s what’s happening. We’re almost out of munitions. You heard Joe Biden say the other day…I don’t know why he said that publicly, but he did. We’ve got to get our industry back going again to making more munitions. This is a whole debacle created by this administration (and) this Pentagon. Again, Joe Biden needs to get on the phone and work this out with Putin and get Zelensky together and let’s work out some kind of peace deal where everybody can go back to business and quit worrying about all this NATO stuff and make this country and this world safe. Right now, we’re in about as dangerous world that I’ve lived in in my 60 something years on this planet.”

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