During an appearance on Fox Business Network's "Kudlow," U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) predicted that former President Donald Trump would win the presidential election in 2024.

Host Larry Kudlow asked Tuberville about U.S. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) plan to increase the federal debt limit by $1.5 trillion or until the end of March 2024, cut discretionary spending and limit the growth of future spending. 

The plan, known as the “Limit, Save Grow Act,” will also reclaim unspent COVID-19 funds, cancel Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, retract funding for new IRS agents and enact work requirements for some welfare recipients. 

McCarthy and other Republicans have been attempting to work with Democrats, including Biden. McCarthy claims he’s been asking the White House for a meeting for months to discuss the federal government’s financial woes, but Biden has refused to work with them.

“First of all, put me in the Trump column, please,” Tuberville replied. “He’s going to win this race. We’ve got to have him in there. I’m telling you right now. This place is in trouble. Animals are running the zoo.”

“We got to cut spending,” he added. “It didn’t worry [Biden] to spend $2 to $4 trillion my first two years extra than what he needed to spend. He needs a spending reform. We need to pay our bills, but we’ve got to have some kind of limit on what we’re doing up here … Every taxpayer knows that except for the people on the Left and the White House. They are clueless as to what’s going on right now. Either that or they’ve got a plan to run us directly into the ground, and I think that might be their whole gameplan.”

Tuberville defended the work requirements for welfare recipients that are 19 to 55 years old. 

“This is absolutely amazing,” Tuberville said. “We have to get people back to work. … COVID almost put us under. Now people who really can work don’t want to go back to work. They’re getting a check every day. Why would you work? We’re paying them not to work.”

Tuberville also said he will not vote for Biden’s labor pick Julie Su, who served as California's Secretary of Labor while the state lost between $20 to $32 billion to unemployment fraud.

“That’s like a football coach going 0 in 12 and trying to get a job,” the Alabama senator argued. “It’s hard to do that.”

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