U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) recently criticized the Biden administration's handling of the hospitalization of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, claiming he believes Austin's condition is worsening and he has to be escorted around with assistance.

Many questions remained unanswered after Austin essentially went missing for several days while undergoing a secret surgery to address an issue that arose from prostate cancer. The details of the operation and the extent of Austin's condition are still unclear.

Reports indicated that President Joe Biden and a long list of top Pentagon officials were left unawares during the days of Austin's absence.

On a press call, Tuberville expressed concern for Austin's condition while simultaneously criticizing Joe Biden for not being aware of Austin's hospitalization for several days.

"This is just a total lack of communication," Tuberville said. "I don't understand what's going on in the White House. We've not seen Joe Biden since Monday, and this is Wednesday. He has not come out. He did one press conference on Monday. He's not said anything about this. I think we're all concerned about [Austin's] health. We see him shuffling around and people having to escort him now. Unfortunately, I think it's getting worse."

With escalating military conflicts across the globe, many of which directly involve the U.S. military, Tuberville was nonplussed that Biden could go for days on end without once conferring with Austin regarding

"[W]e have the number one man in our military, that is controlling a military that's being attacked almost on a daily basis now in the Middle East. We're right on the verge of a regional, and possibly even a world, war, and Joe Biden doesn't even know his number-one guy is not on board with running the show. [Biden] was only contacted and told after five days. How can anybody go five days without talking to the secretary of defense with all the things that are going on."

The House Armed Service Committee on Wednesday launched a formal inquiry into the circumstances around Austin's secret disappearance and current condition.

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