Michigan will defeat Washington in the college football national championship on Monday, according to U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn). 

Tuberville, a former head college football coach, said on the Outkick Hot Mic podcast he was impressed by Washington’s passing attack but predicted Michigan’s running game and defense would be too much in the end. 

“I watched the playoff games. Of course, we all watched Alabama and the ineptness of their offense. Couldn’t get the ball down the field. Couldn’t protect, couldn’t block anybody. I thought their offensive line was probably one of the best going in that Nick’s ever had but they got exposed. Really got exposed. Quarterback got exposed. They tried to run all those RPOs. It didn’t work. But Michigan is a good football team. They’ve got a good offensive line and good running back,” Tuberville said. “I like Washington but I watched Washington’s defensive line last week. They’re not going to match up with that offensive line with Michigan. I think Washington will score some points. They’re going to have to out score them but I don’t think they can. (Michigan’s) running backs and offensive line I think will dominate. I hope it’s a good game. I hope it’s not a runaway. The quarterback from Washington and the receivers are going to have to have a great game to stay in this game and could win it in the end if they do that. What I saw the other day and the accuracy that he has, I think they’ve got a chance to do it. I’d take a running game over anybody. Running game and a defense and Michigan has both.”

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