1819 News searched the Guinness Book of World Records and could not find anything. What just happened in Alabama’s two premiere contests for young women in June 2024 may be a first-ever — a record unlikely ever to be broken.

Two Auburn University roommates won the two premiere state contests and will now represent the state at the nation’s two most prestigious pageants. Both young women hail from Vestavia Hills.

Diane Westhoven, 21, won the Miss Alabama-USA competition on June 1. She is a senior at Auburn majoring in psychology. The Vestavia Hills resident now goes to the Miss USA contest with the winner there representing the nation vying for the Miss Universe title.

Diane 12 scaled Alabama News
Diane Westoven. Miss Alabama-USA

Abbie Stockard, 21, a nursing student at Auburn, won the Miss Alabama title on June 29. The Vestavia Hills resident now goes to the Miss America contest.

Westhoven will journey to Los Angeles on August 4 as Alabama-USA in the Miss USA contest. It will be hosted at the historical Peacock Theater and broadcast on CW.

Stockard will journey to Orlando in January as Miss Alabama, vying for the Miss America title.

Diane Westhoven’s career goal is to help others feel confident in themselves, both physically and emotionally. Her interest in health and wellness has led her on a career path to become a physician assistant. Through this career, she hopes to become an effective counselor to young women, making a positive impact on their total health.

As Miss Alabama-USA, Diane hopes to inspire and empower others to live life to the fullest by encouraging healthy eating, exercise, and work-life balance. She plans to implement workshops for the next generation to teach skills for developing and maintaining this balanced lifestyle.

One of Diane’s favorite ways to achieve balance is prioritizing dedicated downtime in her everyday life. Whether catching up with friends, reading a favorite book, or trying a new recipe, dedicated downtime helps keep her positive and stress-free. Diane’s favorite way to relax and unwind after a long day is with an outdoor walk, especially at sunset. This time gives her the chance to decompress and clear her mind, all while getting in a little bit of healthy exercise.

She says she is honored to represent the state of Alabama at Miss USA and throughout this upcoming year. Diane hopes that she will be able to use this year to pour back into the state that has shaped her into the woman she is today.

Abbie Stockard will work for the next year representing Alabama and her community service initiative, Cystic Fibrosis Awareness. Her goal is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner with a doctorate. 

Abbie Stockard Alabama News
Abbie Stockard. Miss Alabama

Forty young women from across Alabama competed in this 103rd Annual Miss Alabama Pageant June 26-29. Each contestant performed in talent, evening gown, interview and health & fitness categories.

The competition was at Samford University’s Wright Center.

All 40 candidates in this year’s Miss Alabama program, as well as their photos, can be found here.

Miss Alabama-USA Sylvia Hitchcock of Tuscaloosa won Miss USA in 1966. She went on to win the Miss Universe title that year.

Miss Alabama has gone on to win the Miss America title three times: Deidre Downs in 2005, Heather Whitestone (the first deaf woman to win the Miss America crown) in 1995 and Yolande Betbeze in 1951. Betbeze is known as the contestant who refused to pose in a swimsuit, changing the face of the competition.

Stars fell on Alabama and War Eagle.

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