Despite some social media rumors to the contrary, no funding or training will be disrupted at Fort Novosel. 

According to U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise), his staff was recently briefed by several general officers from the U.S. Army, who assured them that no funds would be diverted from Fort Novosel, negating reports of funding limitations that began circulating in early May. 

The Army also confirmed that no training programs have been disrupted or halted at Fort Novosel, according to Moore.

"I am pleased to hear that no funds have been diverted and no training programs will be disrupted at Fort Novosel," Moore said on Tuesday. "Fort Novosel is vital to our national security and provides thousands of jobs to my constituents. I will continue to fight for accountability and transparency in how taxpayer dollars are used by the Army and other government agencies while also ensuring that our military is ready to meet the demands of an increasingly hostile world."

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