While Huntsville continues to fight to maintain its position as the Pentagon's choice for the Space Command headquarters, the Rocket City is beginning to create buzz that it could also be the home for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

During an appearance on Fox News Channel on Sunday, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) discussed the possibility of moving the FBI out of Washington, D.C. to a place where politics is less of an agency's culture.

Among the possibilities Jordan mentioned was Huntsville.

"Real quick, in terms of the reform of the FBI, your colleagues have talked about moving it out of Washington," Fox News host Maria Bartiromo said. "Is that what you want to do, move headquarters out of Washington?"

"Yes, well, we certainly don't want to build a new headquarters in the Washington, D.C., area," Jordan replied. "We're looking at going to Huntsville, Alabama, because they already -- that's already their second headquarters — 20 of their 30 divisions are there. So, we're looking at that. We think that could be helpful."

Currently, Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal is home to more than $3 billion of investment by the federal government for the FBI.

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