U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile), who was in attendance for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address to Congress on Wednesday, said there was "unity" in the belief that more was expected from the United States regarding Ukraine.

Shortly after the conclusion of Zelenskyy's address, Carl appeared on Newsmax TV to offer an assessment of the U.S. response, indicating the Biden administration had been underwhelming with its response up until this point.

"I think the biggest thing I got out of that meeting was the unity between the Republicans and the Democrats -- we have to do more," Carl said. "That's the exciting portion of it. I don't agree with some of the stuff he asked for. But, you know, the leadership from our president is really to be criticized here. They briefed us back in early fall this was going to happen, exactly when, where and how. We encouraged them to get ready then and get these arms moved in early and they didn't do it.

"Of course, now, from a leadership standpoint, you don't lead from the back of the pack. You don't lead from behind. Our president has done that. He is reacting to things that are happening where leadership would have been far ahead of this. I think the [Ukrainian] president was right today in what he said about being a true leader. In my eyes, I think he was calling the president out. If you're going to lead, be a leader."

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