U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) appeared on Fox Business Network to criticize President Joe Biden's spending, which also received the praise of former President Donald Trump.

During a discussion on Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria," Carl hammered the sloganeering of Biden's economic effort, called "Bidenomics."

Carl gave "Bidenomics" as "D-minus at the best."

"I think this has been such a failed administration," Carl said. "We have fought, we have struggled for the last two-plus years trying to keep us afloat doing as much as we can possibly do. And on appropriations, we're trying our best to clean up behind this administration. It's not an easy task either."

Carl, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee, said part of the cleaning up behind Biden is locating earmarked funds for Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs. He also said the committee was attempting to cut funding from the World Health Organization.

"We have 12 different bills; we're deep diving into those." Carl continued, "We're finding tons of money that's earmarked for [DEI] incentives, and we're clawing that money back. We're clawing back all the COVID money that's still out there, we're trying to reapply to where it actually needs to be used best."

He continued, "This country has never had a revenue problem. Our biggest problem is spending, obviously. And we've got to curtail the spending, and the way you do that is through appropriations."

Carl further claimed that Biden's economic bloviating is ultimately taking credit for improvements made by the Trump administration. He also questioned if Biden would run on economic success during his presidential campaign, if he runs at all.

"I do not think that the Biden economics is going to be his winning message if he continues running for president, which I still doubt that," Carl continued. "You know, they're going to really push the abortion issue, they're going to push the trans issues, they're going to push these social issues. I can't point to anything economic-wise that Biden can take credit for. So much of what we've seen in the early day has been a carry-over from Trump's policies, which is fantastic, [Biden] has taken credit for that. But now, [Biden] is wanting you to look past where the real problems are."

After his appearance, Carl received praise from Trump, who posted on Truth Social, saying the congressman "gets it."

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