During a Saturday appearance on Newsmax TV, U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) criticized the FBI for its handling of a raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fla. earlier this month.

Carl questioned the merits of the FBI's justification for a raid on the former president's home with tactics that suggested Trump was a "common criminal."

"For the FBI to go in and just raid a place like this and go through his wife's personal stuff — I mean, that's about as offensive as you can get," Carl said. "That's borderline perversion. But we've got to push on. I don't think there's anything there. I think they've used it for a fishing expedition. It gave them a good excuse to go in and go through all of his and her personal stuff, and I just don't see anything there."

"I refuse to believe we did not know what the President had at Mar-a-Lago," Carl continued. "There's got to be some accountability there. To go in and treat him and his family like common criminals is where the real issue here is for me. I mean, I think the president, I think his wife, I think this country deserves an apology."

Carl said he did not believe it was necessary to disband the FBI but acknowledged the need for reform at the top.

"We don't need to scrap the whole FBI system, but the management of the FBI in Washington has just become so corrupt and so political that it can't exist at the way we're going," he added. "It just truly cannot exist."

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