FAIRHOPE – During a speech to the Eastern Shore Republican Women's Club on Thursday, U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) said Republican prospects for November were looking more bullish as Labor Day has now come and gone.

Carl told the group gathered at the Fairhope Yacht Club in Baldwin County that he expected the GOP to grow its ranks to 230 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 52 in the U.S. Senate after the November midterms.

"In November, I honestly think the House seats – we're going to flip somewhere between 30 to 35 seats," Carl said to applause.

"If we don't, I'm going to be on the last boat to Cuba or somewhere," he joked. "It is probably going to be a safer place than here.

"I honestly think we're going to do extremely well, but we can't get too ahead of our skis as they would say. We've got to keep focused on these campaigns."

Carl said there were potentially 71 seats the GOP could take in districts that President Joe Biden won by less than 11%, which he deemed "takeable."

"The Senate seats – again, I don't have a real firm feeling for," Carl explained. "But I am feeling better. Since Labor Day, I try to read as much as I can, and it's beginning to shift a lot more positive.

"They want to talk about Herschel Walker being such a weak candidate. I think Herschel Walker can do pretty much anything in the state of Georgia and win. I am old enough to remember when Herschel Walker played football, and I am telling you he is a god in Georgia.

"My prediction right here is on the Senate, we're going to pick up two seats – maybe three, but I'll be safe with two. So, we'll go from 50 to 52."

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