Alabama is the best place to live, work, and raise a family. This is why I am proud to be born and raised in Alabama, and it’s why I chose to raise my family here. 

For decades, Alabama has thrived as a right-to-work state, fostering an environment where both employees and employers flourish. Alabama’s right-to-work laws provide employees with much flexibility, and they are a major reason why companies like Mercedes Benz, Amazon, and Hyundai are leaving far-left unionized states and moving and expanding into states like ours. The success of Alabama's economy and its status as a leader in car exports are direct results of our pro-business policies under the leadership of Gov. Kay Ivey and our state leaders.  

Every American and their employer should have the right to negotiate their employment terms. There are a few bills in Congress that I have proudly cosponsored to make this right a reality. The first is H.R. 1200, the National Right to Work Act. This bill gives workers the right to choose if they want to join a union and pay dues, rather than being forced. No employee in Alabama or America should ever be forced to pay dues to a union just to keep a job. 

The second is H.R. 2700, the Employee Rights Act of 2023, which updates our nation’s labor policies to match the needs of the modern-day worker and workforce. This legislation represents the Republican vision for the future of the workforce across our country by promoting growth and innovation, making sure that our laws protect workers rather than union bosses, and allowing Americans to take home more of their hard-earned money. 

Unfortunately, unions like the United Automobile Workers (UAW) are trying to fundamentally change this and make Alabama more like liberal states overrun by unions. 

Recently, the UAW made a push to expand outside their usual territory, specifically the Mercedes Benz plant right outside of Tuscaloosa, Ala. These efforts by the UAW to infiltrate the Mercedes Benz plant pose a huge threat to our economic stability and the livelihoods of hardworking Alabamians. 

The right to work without being compelled to join a union or pay union dues is a fundamental principle that empowers workers and promotes economic growth. Allowing the UAW to gain a foothold in Alabama would undermine this principle, putting the prosperity that our state has worked so hard to achieve in jeopardy.  

We have seen the negative effect of the UAW and unions overall across the country, specifically in Detroit. The UAW strike in Detroit is the longest strike in the union’s history. These strikes halt production and can even disrupt the economy. Alabama leads the nation in car exports, and we cannot afford to have the UAW come in and mess that up. There is no place in Alabama for the UAW or any forced unions.  

Despite these challenges posed by outside influences, Alabama remains steadfast to the deeply rooted beliefs that make our state great. I have and will continue to stop efforts to undermine our right-to-work laws and the principles that have fueled Alabama's prosperity for generations. By joining other leaders across the state in taking a stand for preserving our way of life, we can ensure Alabama remains the best state and will continue to provide a bright future for those of us who call it home.  

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.

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