During an appearance on this week's broadcast of Newsmax TV's "Saturday Agenda," U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) criticized the hiring practices of President Joe Biden at the very top of his administration.

According to the second congressional district lawmaker, Biden was hiring for "pronouns and not job performance."

"I think we have to be pretty swift," he said. "We have to respond. We have to get some answers. Certainly, I think it goes back,   and we talk about this all the time — about how they hire people based on pronouns and not job performance. And this administration, time and time again, has put people in place that have no capability to do the job. For a certain reason, they're hired, and it's usually a social reason. It's not really a qualification. We need to check more of the boxes that are qualified ... one of those boxes needs to be qualified."

"Very often, it seems this administration continues to put people in place that cannot do the job for the wrong reasons," Moore continued. "We've seen that with Mayor Pete [Buttigieg], Transportation. We've seen it with [Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas on the border. You're seeing it now with the SECDEF [Lloyd Austin]. And there has to be accountability. We need to get answers on this, and I think as Congress, we've got to call the folks in front of us to get the answers to get to drill down and drill down and find out exactly what's going on in this administration."

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