During an appearance on Newsmax TV's "Sunday Agenda," U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) defended House Republican efforts to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Strong argued that even though President Joe Biden would appoint Mayorkas' replacement, the risk was worth it.

"I'll take my chances," Strong said. "He's violated U.S. law. I believe he wants America to look more like Cuba. It's unacceptable, but I'll take my chances and I think that's exactly what our committee did. We took the evidence to the people on our committee. Our committee voted 18-15 to send it to the floor, and now it's time to check the oil of those members of Congress to find out who believes that Mayorkas violated U.S. law."

Strong also responded to U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) announced "no" vote on Mayorkas' impeachment, claiming Mayorkas did not commit a "high crime or misdemeanor," and instead was engaging in what he deemed to be a policy difference.

"I believe that Mayorkas violated U.S. law," he added. "We have proved that. But I'll tell you this right here: It's time for people to watch how people vote. And again, I'll take my chances. Mayorkas hates America. He's violated U.S. law. And it is time for the U.S. Congress to act, and I'm prepared to do that."

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