U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) vowed in a video statement on Saturday to keep American taxpayer dollars from facilitating terrorism. 

To demonstrate his commitment, Tuberville cited legislation he has supported since the attack on Israel from the terrorist organization Hamas, including a bill to redirect American aid from Palestinians to Israel and another bill to restrict taxpayer dollars from funding the United Nations (UN) Relief and Works Agency, which he said had "a history of anti-semitism and support for Hamas."

Tuberville hammered Biden for his "weakness on the global stage" and support for Iran. 

"When will he learn?" he asked. "...When President Trump left office, Iran was almost bankrupt, then Joe Biden eased up sanctions and slashed our own domestic energy production. Now, Iran is flushed with cash, and they're spending it on terrorism. Hundreds of billions of dollars. You can't be for Israel and Iran at the time time. Joe Biden's trying to do that."

Tuberville said that by providing "so-called humanitarian aid" to Gaza or Iran, the U.S. would free up money to be used for terrorism. 

"Money is fluid," he explained. "I pay your rent, then I free up money in your budget for other things. So-called humanitarian aid frees up money for other purposes, including war." 

"Joe Biden wants to cut the Palestinians a check for $100 million," Tuberville added. "I am absolutely opposed to this. Humanitarian aid that goes to Gaza will ultimately wind up in the hands of Hamas, the terrorists."

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