In heated high-profile election campaigns, one of the realities is the ever-present threat of ambush video tactics for the candidates. 

Last week, before and after the Houston County Republican Women's Club meeting in Dothan, Durant was subject to one of those efforts in which a so-called tracker asked Durant why he would not denounce the Lincoln Project.

A 'tracker' is a person, typically employed by a competing campaign, whose job it is to follow the opposing side's candidate and record what they do and say in hope of gathering information about that candidate that might make people less willing to vote for them.

The Lincoln Project is an anti-Trump PAC led by Florida-based consultant Rick Wilson and political strategist Reed Galen. The group takes a very aggressive tack against Republicans aligned with former President Donald Trump and for that reason is viewed negatively by many Trump supporters.

The video obtained by 1819 News on Saturday shows a stone-faced Durant ignoring the question both before and after the event.

Durant has previously denied any association with the Lincoln Project.

Responses to the video and accusations between Republican U.S. Senate candidates quickly developed across social media. 

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) declared his denunciation of the Lincoln Project and their alleged support of Durant in a tweet.

Durant later accused the Katie Britt campaign of resorting to "stupid Twitter games" and "stalking" Durant in a post to Twitter.

He also claimed Britt had not denounced Black Lives Matter or addressed election integrity.

Britt derided Durant for both his refusal to participate in an Alabama Republican Party-sanctioned debate and for declining to denounce the Lincoln Project.

Britt also replied to Durant's earlier tweet by questioning Durant's justification for declining a debate invitation and decision not to denounce the Lincoln Project.

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