During an interview on "Rick & Bubba University," new UAB head football coach Trent Dilfer issued a warning to Power 5 coaches who might attempt to poach his players.

With the current state of college athletics looking more like free agency, Dilfer said if he finds any coaches from bigger programs illegally recruiting his players, he will use his former colleagues at ESPN to call them out.

"[C]ome try to get my guys," Dilfer stated. "Like, I dare you, Power Fives. I've got a pretty big platform that I can step on. And if I find you in my kids' DMs, and if I find you talking to high school coaches about my kids, if you're in my roster, I'm going to call your ass out. I'm going to say it by name to the biggest voices in television today, and it's going to make 'Gameday,' and it's going to make 'SportsCenter.' Because, by the way, those guy who are on 'SportsCenter' are still my friends."

"So, go ahead. I dare you to jump into my roster," he added.

Dilfer said he wasn't "scared" to call out coaches at bigger schools because he wanted to be in Birmingham and wasn't afraid of being "blackballed."

"Like, get out of my roster," he added. "These are my guys. I love these guys. Stay the hell out of it."

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