UAB football coach Trent Dilfer takes his Blazers to Athens, Ga. to take on top-ranked Georgia this weekend in a night game on ESPN 2.

During a press conference leading up to the game, the first-year UAB coach said the atmosphere of a night game in the SEC is "way better" than the Super Bowl, which he won in 2000 with the Baltimore Ravens. Dilfer pointed to an Ole Miss/Alabama game he attended and said the only cooler live event he had been to was the Kentucky Derby.

"I've never played in anything like this," Dilfer stated. "I've been to one SEC game. My daughter was being recruited at the University of Alabama, and we went to the Ole Miss/Alabama game, and to this day, I think the Kentucky Derby's the coolest thing I've ever been able to go - live sports."

"I think it's better than Super Bowls," he added. "An SEC football game at night is a way better atmosphere than a Super Bowl. I think it's the second coolest thing I've ever been to as a spectator, so I'm personally really excited about going to an SEC game at night. It's different."

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