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The University of North Alabama (UNA) will receive over $45 million from the state of Alabama in fiscal year (FY) 2023.

The funding will be a part of UNA’s annual appropriation and will be a 12.76% increase from the FY 2022 budget.

UNA will also receive a supplemental appropriation of $3.2 million for a new program in power generation engineering. According to the university, the program will be “the cornerstone of UNA’s workforce development initiatives.”

Gov. Kay Ivey initially recommended a 9% increase, but the House Ways and Means Education Committee raised the number to 12.76%. The Senate Finance and Taxation Committee approved the additional $3.2 million.

The increase results from Project 208, which was started by UNA president Dr. Ken Kitts five years ago. Since then, UNA’s appropriation from the Alabama government has increased by 60%. Nevertheless, UNA remains the lowest-funded Alabama institution per student.

“The University is grateful for the progress that has been made to narrow the gap,” said Evan Thornton, UNA’s vice president for business and financial affairs and chief financial officer. “However, the University has passed deficit budgets over $3.5 million for two consecutive years and must be funded equitably to remain affordable and competitive in today’s market.”

Kitts praised Ala. Sen. Tim Melson (R), vice-chair of the Education Funding Committee, and Ala. Rep. Jamie Kiel (R), member of the Counterpart Committee. Both are graduates of UNA and were influential in the funding increase.

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