The Moody Fire Department is monitoring a large landfill fire that is causing smoke to fill the air for miles.

The fire is mostly underground and the cause has not been determined. The landfill is permitted for natural debris such as leaves, limbs and trees. The debris has been layered with dirt for years and any materials dumped there that could start a fire have not been identified.

The Environmental Landfill is at 1317 Annie Lee Road, in Moody. Smoke has made its way into surrounding areas.

Firefighters created a break to contain the fire but smoke continues to release through holes and cracks in the ground.

“Additional cave-in sections, pits, holes and fissures have formed confirming that the fire is consuming the fuels located inside the pile,” the Moody Fire Department posted on Facebook.

The challenges getting the fire out have included that it is underground and covering the area with dirt will not work. Also, churning the underground fire could be dangerous because it could add more oxygen to the fire.

The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. The Moody Fire Department has been in contact with the Alabama Forestry Commission, the St. Clair County EMA and ADEM.

“ADEM is coordinating with state and local officials, including the Moody Fire and Rescue Department, to help determine the best path forward to deal with the fire at the Environmental Landfill site,” ADEM said in a statement.

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