Drivers may be happy to see gas staying below $3 a gallon in Alabama over the past few weeks, but the reprieve may be short-lived, with prices predicted to skyrocket in a few months. 

The fuel tracking site GasBuddy reported that the national average price per gallon may be back up to $4 by summer 2023. According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in Alabama was $2.89 on Thursday, which is up 10 cents from a week ago.

U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) blames high gas prices and rising inflation on the Biden administration and its continuing infusions of cash into the economy. 

"Biden's energy policy, day one, was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline, and then day two, he asked OPEC to increase production, give Russia a green light on Nord Stream 2 and then buy solar panels from China, and that kind of encapsulates what the policies from the administration have been," Moore said on Newsmax's "American Agenda."

"It strangles U.S. energy domestic production and drives prices up locally," he continued. "We're suffering as American people. Most of my constituents, 80% of them I polled just a few weeks ago, told me they spent less on Christmas this year than they have in years past because of inflation. It's the direct result of energy policy, transportation costs, and, obviously, Secretary [Pete] Buttigieg not doing his job doesn't help us one bit."

Moore added that the dollar is being significantly devalued at the rate the federal government is printing money, making it little more than "ink on paper."

"There's no product, and when that velocity of those dollars get into the economy, it competes against the working man's dollar, and therefore his dollar buys less because there's more in circulation, and certainly when you couple that with supply chain issues then you have an issue where American consumers simply cannot get the goods and services they need.

"I'm convinced if we as capitalists in a free country would get government out of the way, we wouldn't need these subsidies," he concluded, "... we wouldn't need the influx of capital from D.C."

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