Former Alabama Army National Guard Officer, former law enforcement officer and current television professional, Micah Messer, filed qualification paperwork at Alabama Republican Party Headquarters on Monday.

“It is an honor to submit my qualification paperwork with the Alabama GOP office,” Messer said. "The people of District 38 are ready for a true Republican candidate, not a Republican-in-name-only.”

Messer has been a resident of District 38 for over five years. He has been married to his wife, Jessica, for more than five years.

“Running for office is not something you do lightly or jump into without deep thought and prayer,” Messer said in a statement. “Being a representative should be done with the idea of serving the people of the district you represent, not how it might better your own life or pocketbook. I decided to run because the people of District 38 deserve better representation.”

Messer is challenging incumbent State Rep. Debbie Wood (R-Valley).

“We need fewer taxes, better education, and more freedom,” Messer said. “If we continue down the road we have been traveling, we will end up somewhere we don’t want to be. The people of Alabama and District 38 have had enough [of] the status quo. They are ready for change.”

Messer was born and raised in Kinsey, Alabama, outside of Dothan.

He is a graduate of the University of South Alabama where he studied Computer and Information Systems with a minor in Military Science.

Qualifying for both of the major parties is underway and will continue through Friday, Jan. 28, at 5 p.m.

The Republican Party primary will be held on May 24.

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