Micah Messer is running for the Alabama House of Representatives in House District 38.

Messer is a University of South Alabama graduate, a former National Guard officer, and a former police officer.

“I am running for State House in District 38 for all of the people in my district, not just a select few who have enough money from corporate or lobby donors to fund my campaign,” Messer said. “I am tired of legislators playing politics with the lives and welfare of the people they are supposed to represent. It is time we elect someone who will fight for our rights. What happened to our motto, “We Dare Defend our Rights”?”

Messer has been very vocal in favor of the Alabama Health Freedom Act, House Bill 31, which would, if passed, prevent employers from enforcing vaccine mandates.

“We need House Bill 31!” Messer said in a statement. “House Bill 31 directly prohibits both state and private businesses from enforcing a vaccine on an employee or customer. Your health, what you decide to have or not have done with your body, is no business of the government or any private company.”

Messer currently is an IT Network engineer for a local TV station. He also runs and has been running a side business for wedding videography for almost eight years.

Throughout his time in the Alabama National Guard, Messer worked for Right Side Broadcasting Network as a Camera Operator, Producer, and eventually, in 2019, the Chief Operations Officer. Messer also served the people of Columbus, Ga. as a police officer.

Messer is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and supports allowing citizens of the state to exercise their Second Amendment rights without paying their sheriff for a concealed carry permit. 

-Messer is challenging incumbent Debbie Wood in the Republican primary.

-The Republican primary is May 24, 2022.