From The Trussville Tribune

Longtime Alabama photographer, videographer, and producer for The Trussville Tribune, Ron Burkett, showcased yet another talent in his Trussville driveway. This showcase was a way for Burkett to spread the Christmas spirit and show the real reason for the season.

Burkett is an in-house magic maker for The Tribune, from his Sports Illustrated quality photos of Friday night football to his behind-the-scenes video and editing work on almost every Tribune Digital Media piece. Additionally, his senior portrait work for the Principle Portrait Group adorns the walls of households throughout Trussville.

“I’m in awe of Ron’s talent, but I stopped being surprised by what he can do years ago,” Tribune publisher Scott Buttram said. “I’m convinced that there is nothing he can’t do or teach himself to do.”

Burkett also serves at First Baptist Church Trussville through the audio/video ministry as well the missions’ team, where he documents mission trips through photography and helps prepare food for fellow church members.

His artistic talents are also exposed through his woodworking ability and even something as mundane as pressure washing his driveway. Yes, you read that right. Burkett can even turn a dirty driveway into an amazing work of art.

“Well, it was time to pressure wash my driveway again… but since it was getting close to Christmas, I had another idea,” Burkett commented on his YouTube channel.

Burkett’s latest masterpiece demands attention. It depicts, in intricate detail, the beautiful nativity scene that he created. Burkett also made a video of his creation. You can view the video below.