Last month, Fox Business Digital's Kyle Morris reported More Perfect Union, which he described as a "national group tied to Big Tech executives," was getting involved in U.S. Senate races around the country.

According to the report, the More Perfect Union's objective was to get more so-called moderates elected to the Senate. One of the names on the roster of Senate hopefuls to support was Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Durant.

During a campaign event at Madison's Black Patch Distilling on Saturday, Durant responded to a question about his alleged association with the group.

Video obtained by 1819 News shows an emotional Durant denying any official affiliation with More Perfect Union. However, in the video, Durant admits to hosting a meeting with Jake Harriman, the head of More Perfect Union.

"So, I have to say first of all, though -- I'm really tired of answering this question," Durant explained. "And I really want to put this to bed, OK? We can't control what other people have said. We can't control who donates to the PACs. I can't even talk to the PACs. I don't know what their agenda is. All I know is there are other candidates they really don't like. So, they're funding a PAC to support me. That's kind of how it works.

"All the negative ads that are going against my opponents. That's not really coming from them for the most part. It's coming from super PACs that don't want the other person to win. It's the ugly part of how this works. It's frustrating for me because I have people saying things that I have nothing to do with. And instead of looking at this -- putting my life on the line for this country for 22 years, being a successful business person, having integrity because some article gets written somewhere in a media that is controlled by one of the opponents in my campaign's family that I've got to explain this every time I talk to people.

"I am not subject to anybody's else agenda," Durant continued. "I care about this country. I gave my life for it. I am a Republican. I am a conservative. I hate the liberal. I looked it up in my book, which I wrote 20 years ago about my experience in Somalia because I'm trying to point to things -- there's no evidence at all that ties me to this group other than what they say."

Durant said he blamed former President Bill Clinton for the death of his crew in Somalia, adding that he told Clinton to "pack sand," adding that he did not want to pose for a photo-op with Clinton with the intent of giving the appearance Clinton supported the military.

"Joe Biden doesn't support the military, either," he added. "So why would anybody ever think I have any liberal tendency whatsoever [that] has got me to the point that I am tired of talking about it."

The visibly upset Durant double-down on his assertions that there was no proof he had any political tendencies compatible with the More Perfect Union PAC or the Lincoln Project. 

"You know who has had the most money in this campaign?" he replied. "Me. I have $4 million in this campaign. So, you think I think I'm going to get more than that from some liberal entity?

"Yes, I've met with Jake," Durant added. "I mean, I talked to him. He's a veteran also, former Marine. He wanted to talk to me. I talked to him. But I am not beholden to them at all. Sorry, I'm just emotional about this because, well, it's propaganda, and there's no evidence to support it other than I talked to the guy, OK? People are just forgetting about all the rest of this that there is evidence of and are all worried about this."

Durant also took a parting shot at his opponent, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville), for his anti-Donald Trump remarks during the 2016 presidential primary election cycle.

The Durant campaign declined when asked by 1819 News for a follow-up comment.

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