The Walker County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about a drug more lethal than fentanyl.

Carfentanil, also called Wildnil, has been found in Walker County. The synthetic opioid is nothing new, but it hasn't been a top concern for law enforcement until now. With the opioid crisis running rampant, manufacturers of illicit drugs are getting creative and using even stronger substances to attract buyers. Carfentanil is often used as a tranquilizer for very large animals, such as elephants, and can be deadly for humans.

"Carfentanil is 10,000 times more potent than Morphine, 4,000 times the potency of heroin, and 100 times the potency of fentanyl," the sheriff's office said.

A dose as little as 0.02 mg can be lethal to humans.

The sheriff's office also warned about Xylazine, a non-opioid medication being used that 1819 News warned about months ago. While carfentanil does respond to Narcan, Xylazine does not. Making matters worse, Xylazine is not a controlled substance on a federal level, although some states have started to look at making it illegal without a prescription.

"So far in 2023, Walker County has had 32 suspected overdose deaths," the sheriff's office added. "Overdose deaths were down from 2019-2021 in Walker County, but rose again in 2022 due to fentanyl."

The sheriff's office said it will do all it can to protect the public from these dangerous drugs.

"If you are caught trafficking or selling fentanyl, our investigators — in conjunction with the District Attorney's office — will be making an argument to the judge that you are a danger to the community, which can result in an extended stay at the Walker County Jail. There you will remain until your case is adjudicated."

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