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MyPillow founder Mike Lindell has announced that Walmart will be removing all MyPillow products from its shelves.

Lindell spoke regarding the announcement on his live-streamed show, the Lindell Report.

“They shut us out,” Lindell said. “They canceled us.”

Lindell said Walmart executives told him MyPillow products were pulled from store shelves because they didn’t meet the retailer’s internal sales rating system, a system of which he claims he was not made aware.

He also claimed that his company had record orders from the retail giant in the past week, and the removal would constitute a $10 million loss for his company.

A spokesperson from Walmart confirmed the removal of the MyPillow products but would not comment on the motivation.

Walmart stated that pillows would still be available online, a claim that Lindell rejects, saying that Walmart is selling fake MyPillows from China.

Lindell claims the removal is a purely political move due to his continued criticism of the 2022 election and injunctions he has filed in several states regarding election procedures and machines. He believes that Walmart is attempting to deal a crippling blow to his financial status, so he will be unable to continue investigating the suspected election chicanery.

“Here’s the agenda; they don’t want Mike Lindell now that we are putting out all this money for these injunctions and everything,” Lindell said. “What better way to do this and just crush his company.

“Walmart was our biggest retailer for the MyPillow bed pillow. …This is what 75% of all my employees do down there; they manufacture these [pillows] every day. They know that every pillow that goes off the line is going out to help someone."

Earlier, it was announced that MyPillow products were being dropped by Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's, Costco, QVC, JCPenney, Wayfair and H-E-B.

Despite the claim this will affect the company bottom line, Lindell adamantly declared that he would not be laying off any staff.

“Not one employee is getting laid off,” Lindell said. “During the China virus, a lot of them, I paid them even though they didn’t have anything to do, I paid them. We’re like a big family over here. Shame on you, Walmart. It’s disgusting what you did.”

Lindell was able to find the proverbial silver lining through this, claiming his company had the most significant sale day of the year after news of Walmart’s decision was made public.

Perry Hooper, a former Alabama Rep., Alabama Trump Team Leader, and friend of Lindell, told 1819 News that Walmart’s decision made him want to go out and buy more pillows.  

“I’m very disappointed in Walmart,” Hooper said. “I hate to hear it because Mike is a good man.”

“Companies in America, at some point, have got to think and be more concerned with issues that affect honest and fair elections," said Hooper. "…I think what [Lindell] is trying to do is to make sure that things like what happened in 2020 never happen again. He’s got concerns about these machines, like so many people do.”

Lindell has continually claimed that the 2022 election was stolen from Donald Trump, claiming that the voting machines used by Alabama and other states are corrupted.

No court or election authority has found widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

“The media does not want you to know; the evil does not want you to know these machines and computers have taken our country,” Lindell said.

Before discussing the Walmart ordeal, Lindell took time to go after Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, stating he would soon visit the state concerning a preliminary injunction he filed related to voting machines. 

“We are coming to Alabama next week; it’s going to be awesome,” Lindell said.

“You should get rid of these machines, John. The only winner will be the people of the United States when we get rid of these machines. If your idea of winning a case is to keep those machines, John Merrill, you are a traitor to the United States of America. And you know what, it’s disgusting what you are down there, John Merrill.”

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