A video has surfaced on social media apparently showing an Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) detention officer allegedly beating a man on the roof of its Elmore Correctional Facility.

While one of the inmates behind the camera offered a description of the officer, ADOC did not respond to 1819 News regarding the incident or the name of the officer and inmate involved.

The video description describes the man as a “mental inmate,” but it is unclear why the man was on the roof.

The video shows an inmate on the roof with one leg hanging off.

A guard then approaches the man, pulls him from the edge, and appears to strike him multiple times with an object that looks like a baton.

The officer then kicks the inmate, who slides a few feet on the sloping roof.

An off-camera inmate commented on the beating, “Look at that. He kicking the man. He about to kick him off the roof.”

A second guard approaches the inmate and offers at least one blow with a baton-like object.

The inmate was recorded saying, “That officer white.” But it is unclear if he is naming the officer or commenting on his ethnicity.

ADOC facilities have been under the scrutiny of the U.S. Department of Justice for Eighth Amendment violations

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