A recent video has emerged that shows Birmingham Police Department (BPD) officers deploying a Taser against a Minor High School band director before his arrest and subsequent criminal charging.

1819 News reported the event on Saturday. Police said the incident occurred Thursday during a football game between the Minor High Tigers and the Jackson-Olin Mustangs. During the third quarter of the game, a drumline battle broke out between the school’s bands. According to BPD, officers got Jackson-Olin’s band to stop playing, but “Minor's band director did not comply with multiple officers' requests to stop his band from performing; he instructed his band to continue performing."

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Police said during interactions with the band director, officers decided to place him in custody. A physical altercation started between the officer, other BPD officers, Birmingham City School System security personnel and the band director.

The band director, Johnny Bernard Mims, 39, currently faces disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest charges. He was also admitted and discharged from the hospital that day.

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, several comments from social media claim the drumline battle was preplanned. The video ends with a brief video of the tasing incident.

The video begins at the tail-end of the dispute. Mims is seen struggling with several individuals attempting to apprehend him. Mims is not seen pushing an officer in the video, as BPD claims. After a brief struggle and exchanging words, Mims is tased by an out-of-frame officer before being subdued by others. It is also possible that a second taser was deployed.

All parties are inaudible due to the massive commotion surrounding the cameraman.    

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