The Florence Police Department released body camera video to show officers' actions were justified during an arrest that went viral on social media.

After receiving numerous complaints due to the short video posted online, the police department investigated the incident. In the video, the suspect was heard screaming that he couldn't breathe. The officer replied that he couldn't breathe either after the long tussle. In the background, you can hear people yelling at officers as the suspect shook on the ground and said he was dying.

In the body camera footage, you can hear an officer tell the man, "That's not how seizures work." The officer then told his colleague the suspect was acting like he was having a seizure.

"While no one from the family, nor their representative has filed a complaint about this incident, it is the policy and practice of the Florence Police department that 3rd party complaints are sufficient to warrant an investigation," Chief Ron Tyler said in a statement. "After investigating this matter thoroughly, it has been concluded that the officers actions in this case are justified and appropriate."

Michael Stanford, 30, was arrested outside a gas station in Florence and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

"We will allow the criminal charges to run their course through municipal court," said Tyler. "Because this incident has become part of the public discourse and has garnered much public attention, the matter warrants a public response."

That response included Tyler's statement and three videos. One video was from a dash camera, and the other two were from body-worn cameras on the officers involved. The videos are available online with an "explicit language" warning.

Tyler ended his statement with a warning about online postings.

"Be advised, what you see on social media is only a few seconds long," he said. "The videos we are posting will show multiple perspectives of the entire incident."

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